Oasis Indoor Environmental, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing unbiased and professional assessment of indoor air quality.  In addition, we test drinking and recreational water quality, and also test for Legionella.

Mold, other allergens, respirable particles (asbestos, fiberglass, etc…), and chemical VOC-s, are especially troublesome to persons with prior sensitivities and/or immunocompromised. In addition, these environmental stressors can create in those formerly unaffected new and onset intolerances. When this occurs health is put at serious risk. We do not take any health complaint related to indoor air quality lightly. We understand from our experience in this field that no two people are affected the same way when it comes to these things, and we want to help.


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We have extensive experience in not only assessing the extent of the problem, but determining the source, and how it is to be properly remediated. There are reasonable   and appropriate methods and technologies available to enable this to be carried out safely and without spreading contaminants to other areas. At Oasis we make sure to stay abreast of these methods and technologies as they are ever changing. Furthermore, we never actually do the cleaning up or “remediation” of such contaminants ourselves. This keeps us as a third party, unbiased entity, serving you, with no conflicts of interest (see Why Use a Third Party?)

Please feel free to call us directly with any questions or concerns. You will find us friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable.

Spencer Hampy
President, CIE, CMC







Are tenants or neighbors complaining about dust from nearby construction in the building? 

How long do you have to live with this? 

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